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Features of Your Application Generated By Prsy - Smart Application

  • Branding

    A unique way of user’s branding with your app under your name & photo will be available to download by millions of users and you have your own brand to share with the world.

  • Content Sharing

    With your app, you connect to the power of interaction and can choose to share video, documents, access the cloud, play and share music,

  • Privacy

    Prsy features offer a unique way of sharing contents by creating multiple private and public “Corners” to share and post with friends and family.

  • Communication

    Send and received messages from your friends and other users registered with Prsy directly from your app or inside specific “Corners”

  • Invite Friends

    Promote your own app by inviting others to download your app from app stores with a single touch.

  • MultiPlatform

    Once you generate your app with Prsy it will be available to download from major app stores including Windows , Amazon & Google Play Store.

Steps To Create Prsy App

  • Download Prsy App

    Install Prsy in your smart phone from app stores


    Fill the required details & submit a registration form

  • Name & Picture

    Provide your name and photograph for your own app , If you want to build for your organization select "Organizational App"

  • Auto Published

    Wait for a notification / email from Prsy system after a quality review your app automatically gets published on the major app stores

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About Prsy

A revolutionary app Prsy is loaded which introduces an absolutely new way to stamp your identity in the popular app stores. Head into a new style of using social media & connect with the world. A simple but effective concept to build your own brand in cyberspace without any interference of other social media networks. Get registered in Prsy & find your app in popular app stores after approval. A golden chance to build your own social network mobile app under your name and photo. It’s a time to move on by accepting a new fashion of utilizing social media.

Submit a registration form in Prsy and create your own social media app developed automatically. Prsy allows you a platform to step up into the new era of the personalized app without hiring any developer. Create your own brand under your name & photo. Enhance your experience by having your own app rather than just an account and page in the third party social media network. Prsy itself has many amazing tools just as the social media. Connect with the friends through your own developed network & stop supporting the third party social media networks. Experience the joy of having your own identification and brand value with Prsy!

Make New type of Social Network App

Having a social media account is out-of-date! Be a trendy app, instead!!!

Prsy Thrmo Application

Prsy Thrmo is build for Prsy’s users application which measures hotness(downloads) of user’s application, It shows list of all users available on app stores that can be easily downloadable.

Prsy -New Era of Personalized Apps

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