Frequently Asked Questions

faqs– What is Prsy?
Prsy is a mobile app which is available in all the major app stores.

– Why should I download Prsy?
Simple. Prsy is more than an app. It’s an operating system. Meaning it has a very complex structure. This OS is THE ONLY one capable of creating user app in seconds and in all formats.

– So what does it means?
It means that any person can build their own mobile app under their name and photo without paying anything. Apps building cost thousands of Dollars and Prsy technology and patented OS makes it possible to build a free mobile app which belongs to you and publish it in the app stores.

– What does having an app do?
Many incredible things. Your name will be in almost all the world mobile stores and all what is required is that a person search your name in the app store to be able to download you. You are no longer a page in FB or Twitter or any social media. You are your own app and therefore brand. You can reach other user directly and you are still will be able to share with traditional social media. Prsy will make it possible for you to have one app only and be able to include whatever other apps within it.

– Why Prsy?
We created Prsy app as the next step in social media evolution. The user in full control. You can download your family or friends directly with privacy assured 100%. It is fun to download your children or friends app and communicate directly with them. Once you have an app under your name, NO ONE can have similar name, meaning your name is available and recognizable easily.

– What is Prsy aiming for?
One of Prsy major aims allow “The Little Guy” to have their own application and to user’s to communicate without using third party.

– Can I change my photo and name?
As for the photo and name you have to realize that it cannot be changed unless we completely update the application which is unrealistic. We did finally if you read the form you would have that we have been transparent about the photo issue (because changing photo is not in our hands once the application is publish under the major app store). Your photo will be your logo and your name is your brand on the app store. We are not Facebook or Twitter where user is a page inside their application and with every user registering in their network their brand gets the credit.

– How Prsy secures user’s information?
As for the user information it is not 100% confidential and will not be used for any purpose apart from verifying that the users are true user. We care about user’s privacy and security. We are committed in respecting the personal privacy and security of our users. We do not sell, distribute or provide our user’s personal information.

– What is the rate of user rejection?
Just for your information the rate of rejection is around 30% to 40% for all applicants. This is a confirmation that we are following our vision of building a reliable network.

– How long it will take to publish user app?
After signing up the simple registration form with Prsy. Your request for building your mobile app will go through a quality check. Once your app is published on the major app stores you will be notified by the email you provided during registration.

– Will my app still work without an internet connection?
Your app will not work but you can still view offline contents on your mobile.

– What devices does Prsy support?
We offer apps for many Android, Windows, Amazon (Kindle), BlackBerry Priv and coming soon in iOS.